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  • Linda Bice, Designer/Artist

My first art show was a success!

My first show was at Estes Park on Monday. The Monday Artisan's Market which is every Monday for the summer, is a great venue. It's behind the downtown shops by the river with lots of trees and free three hour parking. It was cool and so lovely even on a hot day. The artists were varied and had wonderful products. I enjoyed it immensely. It wasn't busy, which was good for the shoppers (not necessarily for the artists, but I heard no one complaining). I sold a lot of my unique felt items, which answers the question of whether people will purchase felt items in the middle of the hot summer. They will! I couldn't stop talking on the way back down to Boulder. My husband enjoyed my enthusiasm completely. I am excited to continue with selling at art shows. Yes, it's a lot of work, but such fun to meet the buyers of my product and get to share my process and love of fiber with them face to face. That was definitely the best part of the day. Of course, meeting other artists and sharing stories with them is always fun too and there was definitely some of that. One of my first sales was a beautiful sunflower to the woman who organizes the show. She wore it on her black outfit all day and was a great advertisement. Thanks Mary!

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