This unique handmade and shawl was made using the Nuno Felt method which is a wet felt process combining natural fabrics and wool fibers.  This piece is made of hand dyed SIlk layered in Merino wool.  I use olive oil soap and lots of water in the felting process.  The production is labor intensive and replaces my daily workout.  

Dimensions: approximately 75" x 21"

Colors on the internet are not always exactly as they appear.

Shawl in shades of purple with flower decor

  • Wash individually by hand in cold water with mild soap.  Do not scrub or wring.  Roll in a towel after gently squeezing the water out to assist in removal of excess water.  Lay flat (shaping if needed) to dry.  Pieces can be ironed if desired on a wool setting if no silk is present.  If silk is present in the piece, then use the silk setting on the iron.


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