Very unique and versatile, Nuno/cobweb Felted Red Vest. Can be worn several different ways. One side is solid red and very textured while the other has white texture of silk and bulky yarn within the felted fabric.
Approx. 44" long (side to side) and 21" wide (top to bottom)

Beautiful original red cobweb and nuno hand felted vest

  • Yes – all my felt products can be hand washed. Soak in a mild soap and cool to warm water (never hot). Do not scrub vigorously (mild scrubbing is ok if necessary). Do not wring the item. A rinse of a small amount of distilled vinegar (1/4 cup to a gallon of water) can be used to condition the wool prior to drying. This will ensure the softest fabric. Once washed, roll in a towel to remove excess water, shape and lay out to dry. Please do not dry clean or machine wash.

  • This piece was created by first knitting a shawl from 100% wool on very large knitting needles creating a very open weave shawl. Then it was felted using wool fibers and silk and yarn embellishments. The open weave makes it more like cobweb felt which means it has holes throughout which were made naturally during the felting process, which is the same as nuno felting. The holes are limited on this piece making it a warm vest.


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