Gorgeous colorful geometric design wet felted pillow cover.
Back is made from cotton and has zipper closure so pillow can be removed to clean cover.
20" x 20".
Pillow included.

Beautiful geometric design wet felted pillow

  • Yes – all my felt products can be hand washed. Soak in a mild soap and cool to warm water (never hot). Do not scrub vigorously (mild scrubbing is ok if necessary). Do not wring the item. A rinse of a small amount of distilled vinegar (1/4 cup to a gallon of water) can be used to condition the wool prior to drying. This will ensure the softest fabric. Once washed, roll in a towel to remove excess water, shape and lay out to dry. Please do not dry clean or machine wash.

  • My wet felting process entails laying out colorful wool fibers in various numbers of layers and in various directions, adding hot soapy water, then rubbing, rolling, tossing and scrubbing until a solid and beautiful fabric is created.


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